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Dealer eProcess Wins 2011 AWA Award

The Automotive Website Awards are presented each year by PCG Consulting to recognize the best design, technology and search architecture for automotive website platforms each year. The awards are presented prior to the annual NADA Convention each year.

Companies that have products that fit in any of the categories listed below should submit their product for consideration:

• Automotive Websites
• Automotive CRM Platforms
• Automotive Mobile Apps
• Automotive Marketing Tools
• Automotive Social Media
• Automotive Technology

Guided Presentations

Companies submitting their products for review scheduled a guided presentation of their product via webinar to the AWA review board. Companies were given a two-hour window to present, discuss, and clarify the benefits that their product offers automotive retailers and their customers.

Guided tours ensure that the review board understands how the specific product is positioned in the marketplace, and how it should be evaluated. The analysis is compiled into a 200+ page bound report.


  1. Chris

    I would like to learn more about the awards process and reviewing of our sites.

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